Some Queries

Aug 23, 2011 at 4:53 PM

Hi Andrew, Thanks for this tool.  I have following queries:

1. How does this tool handle richtext field values ? Since the Lotus Notes column does not allow richtext field, this export method will not work.  Hence, need to write script to export all fields including richtext content to csv file.  Am I correct ?

2. There is an issue even with above method (in point 1).  The richtext content when exported to csv and subsequently migrated to infopath, all original formatting that was existing in Lotus Notes field is gone after migration to infopath form.  Is there anyway to retain this format ?

3. Is there any new release/version that handles the attachments ?


Aug 25, 2011 at 3:28 PM


The answer to your first two questions is pretty much what you've already guessed, the tool does not handle any data type other than plain text with any kind of fidelity.  I wrote this tool very early on in a Notes to Sharepoint migration.  It was originally built for a single database that had an extremely simple data structure. 

Soon after I created the first version of this tool, my company purchased a license for Quest's Notes to Sharepoint migration tool (which I really recommend as an excellent tool).  I pretty much abandoned development on the tool after that, but thought posting it might help anyone who had something simple to migrate.

Before we purchased the Quest tool, I did sketch out a new design for this tool, but it would have required a ground-up rewrite, and I didn't have time available to devote to the effort.  If you look at the source for this tool, you'll see that it is not even treating the export files as XML documents, they are read in and updated as text files with some half-baked handlers for working with the XML tags.